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Hutchinson Salt Testimonials

Tim McCorkell
Manager, City of Tulsa Street Maintenance
"I would like to thank Hutchinson Salt for supplying the City of Tulsa with the fine salt material for the past several years. We feel the utilization of the fine salt is essential to our winter storm response as it activates quicker than the medium salt, enables us to get a complete and even coverage on the roadway, and creates less application hazards around other vehicles and windows. Thank you again."
Sam Goade
Public Works Director, Springdale, Ark
"We started using the fine grade salt when we received a load the salt by accident about three years ago. At first we were reluctant to put it in our spreader trucks thinking it would not come out but we were desperate since we were out of salt at the time. We loaded it up and took off to treat a roadway that was pretty snow covered and were shocked how much more efficient was the fine salt. For one thing it did not bounce around all over the road so it stayed in place and transitioned into a brine very quickly. I followed the salt truck around while it was spreading the load and could not believe what I was seeing. It most definitely was working better than the regular rock salt. From that point forward we decided to order the fine grade salt exclusively. We treat the salt with beet juice at 6 gallons per ton then store the treated salt in our 1000 ton Clear Span storage building. All of our spreader trucks have magnesium chloride tanks attached that pre-wet the treated salt as the salt comes out onto the spreader fan. It is a very efficient system and would be proud to show our entire system to anyone who may be interested."
Mitch Johnson
Johnson Feed Inc., Canton SD
"We have numerous customers that request Hutchinson Salt Company products for their feed operations. Marilyn, is great to work with and product availability has been good. Our drivers appreciate the helpfulness of the staff in Hutchinson, while loading."
Mitchell Rasmussen
, SaltXchange
"Hutchinson Salt Company has been a longstanding salt supplier of ours. Hutchinson Salt’s family owned business, quality products and dedicated work force are elements that are very similar to our company. These elements have created a successful long term relationship between both companies and have driven a similar passion to succeed in our industry."

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