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Hutchinson Salt Company has been featured on History Channel's "Modern Marvels", Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" and has also had a documentary video done about the history of our company.


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News articles and press coverage on Hutchinson Salt Company.

10/12/2020 - Hutchinson Salt Company: Miners Breathe Better Below Ground with B100

10/04/19 - Work continues on improvements and repairs at Hutchinson Salt via Hutch Post

12/05/17 - Audio Postcard: Salt Mine by KMUW

06/11/17 - Hutchinson News - New lift buckets at Hutchinson Salt significantly increase production potential

02/22/17 - KWCH - Mild Winter Putting a Damper on Kansas Salt Mining

Hutchinson News - Salt Mine Owner Marks 25 Years with Millions in New Investment

Salt mine becomes first to use B100 biodiesel

"It is midnight on Thursday, June 12. While the town sleeps, Hutchinson Salt Company Underground Crew Chief Eric Price is hard at work with co-worker Randy Ray doing a weekly mine shaft inspection; tightening bolts, checking for rotting wood, and removign big rocks of salt. Vital to the salt mining operation, the shaft hoists the salt from 650 feet below in two 4-ton skips to be made ready for sale. Afterwards, Price does his daily mine inspection where he checks the balst area, makes sure there is no loose material hanging from the ceiling, checking for hazardous gas levels, and repairing broken belt lines. Machine maintenance, phone calls, and checking in with his crew conclude his day after assuring himself the mine is safe." (Calvin Mattheis/The Hutchinson News)


2018 - Hutchinson Salt Mine Rescue Team Wins 2018 KMRA Competition

07/2017 - Hutchinson Salt Mine Rescue Team Finishes 1st at KMRA Competition

06/2017 - Chuck Breitbach Retires after 12 Years with Hutchinson Salt Co.

05/2017 Hutchinson Salt Mine Rescue Team Takes 1st Place

06/2016 - Dan Howell Retires after 28 Years with Hutchinson Salt Co.

06/2016 - Bruce Taylor Retires after 25 Years with Hutchinson Salt Co.

04/2016 - Ron Foulk Retires after 38 Years with Hutchinson Salt Co.

Max Liby celebrates 45 years in the salt industry

2015 Christmas Party Gallery

2016 Christmas Party Gallery

2017 Christmas Party Gallery


Salt in the shaker, salt in the sea
There's so much salt, it's practically free
We mine it from caverns for all sorts of uses
On ice-covered streets, in vegetable juices

It's sprinkled on fries and added to dough
Abundant in restaurants wherever we go
We can buy it in granules or buy it in rocks
We can buy it in feed stores in big salty blocks

Cows like it, kids like it, bartenders too
If we didn't have salt, what would we do?
We might slide in the street or sink in Salt Lake
Stop eating popcorn, stop eating steak

We wouldn't have dolphins or swordfish or whales
We wouldn't have starfish or lobsters with tails
Those creatures need salt, they can't live without it
And we need it too, there's no doubt about it

It's elemental, essential, like water and air
A chemical component of bones, blood and hair
So, let's hear it for salt! In shakers and sea
Let's hear it for salt, in salt mines and me!

-Cathy Callen
Kansas Authors Club -

Theme - 30 Entrees

Judge: Alan Kleiman has a chapbook, Grand Slam, available from Crisis Chronicle Press on Amazon. His poetry is in Verse Wisconsin, The Criterion, Right Hand Pointing, Contempory American Voices, and The Montucky Review. His poems are in anthologies published by Fine Line Press and Red Ocher Press, He lives and works as a lawyer in New York City.

1st: "Mountain Climber" – Duane Johnson, D1, Topeka

2nd: "Salt Water Spa at Huife" – Barbara Brady, D1, Topeka

3rd: "Surviving the Great Depression" – Alice Collinsworth, D2, Oklahoma City 1st HM: "Let's Hear It For Salt" –– Cathy Callen, D2, Lawrence 2nd HM: "Soldier in a War" – Annabelle Corrick, D1, Topeka

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